according to my mother

A few years ago Daniel began posting conversations, texts, and emails he had with his mother, Esther Lee, on Facebook and Instagram. Daniel is a gay Korean American actor slash artist living in New York City and Esther is an ultra-conservative, uber-Christian Korean immigrant living in Southern California. 'Dramedy' doesn't even begin to cover it...

Daniel's friend, Cathy Yan, approached him to turn these posts into something. After writing a script for a short film, successfully campaigning on Kickstarter, shooting an 18-minute proof-of-concept presentation (ITVFest, NewFest, Outfest Fusion, CAAMFest, Outfest, SeriesFest - Best Actress, and NYTVF - Best Drama & Best Actor), and pitching and workshopping at IFP Film Week and Sundance New Voices Lab, Daniel and Cathy are now looking to turn this relationship into a series! Check out the trailer and website below! 

Daniel’s life as a young, gay, Korean American, struggling actor in New York was complicated enough — and that was before his disapproving and devout Christian mother moved in.

Based on a true relationship.